Dr. Christina Bjorndal, ND brings her lived experience with depression (suicide survivor), anxiety, bulimia, and bipolar disorder type 1 (psychosis survivor) as well as her clinical training as a naturopathic doctor, along with her additional training in mind, body medicine when striving to address patients mental health concerns. Having overcome many mental health challenges, Dr. Chris is a gifted speaker and best selling author who has shared her wellness philosophy with platforms such as Mariel Hemingway’s Out comes the Sun show, the Jenny McCarthy show, the International Bipolar Foundation, and many health summits and docuseries. She is recognized as a top ND to follow by two independent organizations. Her book Beyond the Label is a comprehensive guide to naturopathic mental health. She has written four books on mental health as well as created two courses 

1) The Moving Beyond mental health labels program for individuals and

2) A Clinician’s Integrative Mental Health Program




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