A Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Approach To 

A Physical, Mental, Emotional, And Spiritual Approach To 

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As a Naturopathic doctor, people are surprised to hear me talk openly about my mental health struggles. After taking medication initially prescribed to alleviate depression and anxiety, I swung into a psychotic manic episode and was diagnosed with bipolar disorder type 1.
After surviving a suicide attempt (which left me in a coma with kidney failure), I couldn’t ignore it anymore. I needed to find another way to navigate my mental health that included more than simply taking medications.
The system saved me in my journey by resuscitating me back to life; but I was without that spark, that joie de vive, that skip in my step, until I discovered how to heal using naturopathic medicine. I say that western medicine allowed me to survive, and with naturopathic medicine I now thrive in my life. And the same can be true for you.
Now the darkness no longer settles in. I don't fall into the depths of despair as I have tools, strategies, and done the deep inner work to understand how to navigate this journey we call "life."
I know that there are powerful, uplifting, and reliable paths toward wellness. Take my hand, and let me guide you on this journey to breaking free from mental health labels.

Eating Guidelines for Balanced Mental Health
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